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Summit is our semi-private personal training program for adults looking to feel confident, lose weight, and regain energy.

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What is semi-private personal training?

In small groups of up to six people, Summit offers the same benefits as one-on-one personal training while also providing a fun and supportive sense of camaraderie – at a fraction of the cost of individual training.

Tailored to you

Your individualized workout plan is designed specifically to work for you and the goals you set out to accomplish.

Personal touch

Our team of certified coaches guide you through your workout from start to finish. The small group setting gives you personalized attention.

Track your progress

We record your exercise data at every workout, and provide fitness and body composition assessments throughout your training.

Here's a roadmap of the process

1. Consultation

We sit down and discuss your current fitness level, health history, injuries, and what has worked in the past and what hasn’t.

2. Fitness Evaluation

We do a body composition analysis and simple movement evaluation to give us baseline and track your progress over time.

3. Train

Based on the consultation and evaluation, we build you a customized training plan. All you have to do is show up ready to work.

4. Check Ins

One of the many benefits of Summit is the proximity to your coach. They’ll check in with you frequently and adjust your plan as needed.

5. Follow-up assessments

Periodic body composition testing and fitness assessments allow us to measure your results and celebrate your achievements.

What's included with your plan

  • Personalized training plan
  • Groups of 4 to 6 per coach
  • Exercise & nutrition handbook
  • Check-in meetings with coaches
  • Progress tracking
  • Access to yoga and other various workouts
  • Accountability text messages from our team

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