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Elevate is our in-house group fitness program wrapped into fun, fast paced workouts.

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Take the guesswork out of your fitness routine

Custom made

No more stressing about what to do at the gym. We program each daily workout to highlight endurance & resistance training, high intensity aerobics, and much more.

Trainer led

Our team of certified trainers guide you rep-by-rep through the workout, making exercise modifications for you as needed.

45-60 minutes

Each workout is designed to be completed in under an hour. We keep them efficient, to get you in, out, and on with the rest of your day.

What happens in each session

Warm upDemonstrationStrength trainingCardio circuit


Increase your heart rate and get the blood flowing.



A detailed breakdown of each exercise in action.


Cardio Circuit

Burn fat and increase your cardiovascular endurance.


Strength Training

Build muscle and improve functional movement.

More than your average fitness class

It sticks

Accountability is included with your membership to keep you committed to a healthy lifestyle. We go above expectations by providing encouragement with every step of your fitness journey.

It's effective

With a balanced mix of cardio and strength, Elevate serves up exactly what you need to see consistent results. We use proven studies to design the most effective, fat-burning workouts compared to traditional fitness routines.

It's run by the best

Elevate brings the personal trainer feel at the small group level, providing expertise and motivation from start to finish. Our team keeps you pushing by bringing the energy to every workout, every day.

“Elevate has been a super great decision for me to get stronger and better my overall health.”

Jen W.

member since 2018

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