Kick off the new year with the January Rep Challenge

Join our push-up, sit-up, and mileage accumulation challenge to start your 2023 with a bang.

January 1, 2023  •  3 min read

Throughout the entire first month of the new year, we are running the January Rep Challenge. The goal is simple – complete the specified number of reps for push-ups, sit-ups, and cardio mileage accumulated through January 31. This challenge is open to all active Rise members.

Choose Your Difficulty

There are three levels of difficulty to choose from for this challenge. The goal remains the same, but the number of reps are increased for all three exercises.

1,000 Reps

  • 30 miles – 1 mile/day average
  • 485 push-ups – 15/day average
  • 485 sit-ups – 15/day average

2,000 Reps

  • 50 miles – 1.6 miles/day average
  • 975 push-ups – 31/day average
  • 975 sit-ups – 31/day average

5,000 Reps

  • 100 miles – 3.2 miles/day average
  • 2,450 push-ups – 79/day average
  • 2,450 sit-ups – 79/day average

How it works (FAQ)

There are no frills or gimmicks with the January Rep Challenge – only sweat and determination. It's intentionally simple to keep you focused on setting a goal and holding yourself accountable to achieve it.

How do I join?
Talk with any Rise trainer to get started

Is it free to join?
Yes, it’s completely free and open to all active Rise members

How do I keep track of my reps?
We provide a tracking sheet to write in and track the reps you complete each day

Do Elevate workout reps count towards my total?
No, reps completed during normal Elevate sessions do not count - these reps are a bonus challenge in addition to your normal workout sessions

How do the mileage reps work?
The mileage reps can be any combination of running, rowing, or biking

Do my reps have to be completed at the gym?
No, reps may be completed anywhere - at home or before/after an Elevate session

Is there a prize for completing this challenge?
Yes! Those who complete the challenge receive a January Rep Challenge t-shirt (in addition to the feeling of pride and accomplishment 💪)

As always, please reach out if you have any questions.

The Rise Team