Athlete Performance

“Rise and grind, let's get after it.”

– Chase Morlock, Head Trainer

Building champions,
one day at a time.

Our athletes are hungry to reach their goals. During each personalized session, our trainers coach and motivate each athlete to push themselves through strength, agility, plyometrics, and mental toughness training. We focus on consistent improvement –one movement, one rep, one workout at a time.

Maximize your potential on the playing surface.

The Programs

High Performance Program

Individualized personal training workout plan.

Full twelve week program, offered all four seasons.

Focus on strength, conditioning, & agility.

Team Specific Camps

Camps offered for high school programs.

Tailored toward sport-specific strength and movements.

Programs offered for specific teams.

What Kind of Training?

The Total Package

Both types of programs provide athletes with personalized lifts, exercises, and movements specific to the needs of their sport and time of year they are training. We make sure every athlete is receiving exactly what they need to be prepared to compete at a high level.

Strength & Flexibility

Our full body strength circuits are designed to increase power for developing well-rounded athletes. We also incorporate stretching and recovery routines for injury prevention.

Vertical/Lateral Explosiveness

Athletes will improve agility and explosiveness through plyometrics, agility ladders, hurdles, box training, and various other drills.

Discipline & Toughness

The best competitors are the most disciplined when fatigue sets in. Our athletes will be put in competitive situations to build mental toughness.

Why Us?

The Rise Advantage

• Training programs run by two former NCAA All-Americans

• Insight to what makes a champion from former collegiate athletes

• Turf training surface and top of the line equipment for maximum professional experience

Start improving today.

Send us an email & let's create a plan.